What Is An LIT and How Are They Different From Other Options?

2017-10-18 14:36

Meeting Table

If you are experiencing significant financial difficulty, it’s tough to know where to...
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Are Consumer Proposals A Good Option For You?

2017-09-22 08:00



I had the distinct pleasure of attending the 2017 Annual CAIRP Conference in beautiful Kelowna, BC back in August. As we were in the winery-rich Okanagan, the organizers invited us to ‘...
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Debt relief - how much should it cost?

2017-06-05 10:13

Some people love to shop. Other people hate it. There is no doubt about it that we are not all the same which is a good thing. However, whether you are looking at buying a vehicle, toaster or a pair of jeans everyone should be asking how much does it cost? The same question is appropriate when...
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Debt Consolidation - where to start?

2017-05-10 14:23

When you were a kid, did you ever experience difficulty sleeping because you thought there was something, maybe a monster, under the bed or in the closet? Living with debt can produce a similar sense of unease and can create difficulties sleeping. When you make the decision to get some debt help...
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Canada Revenue Agency has frozen my bank account...what do I do?

2017-04-25 08:04

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a very heavy hand when it comes to collecting on income taxes which can include seizing your bank account. This is usually the last resort, after repeated phone calls and letters so you can't pretend this is a surprise. You may not have believed they'd do...
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How will filing for bankruptcy protection affect my job?

2016-10-13 09:52

How Will Filing For Bankruptcy Protection Affect My Job?

For many Canadians the idea of filing for personal bankruptcy is very foreign. Not knowing how the process will affect your day-to-day life and...
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Help! I Have a Garnishee

2016-06-23 11:44

What is a Garnishment & How did I Get One?

Garnishments may occur if you stop paying your creditor and the creditor decides to take legal action. To take action, a creditor must get a Garnishment Order from the Court to present to your...
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A New Name for Insolvency Professionals

2015-12-03 15:31


On December 2, 2015 the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy made a big announcement; there will be formal change to the designation of insolvency professionals nationwide.  As of April 1, 2016 the designation of “Trustee in Bankruptcy” will...
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The Common Misconceptions of Bankruptcy

2015-10-02 14:05

Bankruptcy; this is the first thought for many individuals that are desperate to fix their financial situation. Although the majority of Canadian’s have heard the word “bankruptcy” before, many are unaware of what the bankruptcy process...
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Surplus Income?

2015-06-25 10:43

 What is Surplus Income?

 Surplus Income is perhaps a poorly worded phrase. Not many people would feel that they have surplus income especially when dealing with debt. However, in the bankruptcy context, surplus income refers to a calculation...
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